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With the Reversed Nespresso Board, a boardroom opens up to new generations and new approaches

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Einstein’s quote resonates perfectly with the rationale behind the Reversed Board concept. When he created the program in 2019, Maxime Dumont’s vision was powerful: bring youth and top management together to co-create the…

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Showcase 2030 – Going beyond the event

A little more than 2 months ago, E4S gathered over 500 participants at the Swisstech Convention Center for one of the biggest events in Switzerland dedicated to impact innovation. During two days, Showcase 2030 brought together impact-driven startups, researchers, corporates, international organizations, public sector representatives and civil society showcasing bold ideas to…

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Opinion – Let’s move on moving less!

Let’s move better! Climate activists justify civil disobedience by our immobility in the face of the climate emergency. While we may disagree with their methods and find some of their targets ill-fitting, it is difficult not to share their exasperation: the speed and determination with which our society is grasping…

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Carbon removal is not the main lever to reach Swiss Net Zero, yet properly understood it can accelerate decarbonization and improve biodiversity, concludes new paper

Is carbon removal the solution to the climate crisis we’ve been looking for? Or a desperate distraction as we are collectively unable to stop burning fossil fuels? Please open today’s newspaper. You may read about converting CO2 into liquid fuels, instantly making airplanes or petrol cars climate-neutral. Or planting X trillion…

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Divestment: it is hard to do well while doing good, latest E4S report shows

According to a study published by the Enterprise for Society Center this Wednesday, divesting unethical businesses is unlikely to improve divested firms’ sustainability profile or investors’ financial performance. Divestment is by far one of the favorite strategies used by responsible investors, with USD 19,771 bn of assets applying it in…

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E4S Annual Summit 2021 – On the road to sustainable mobility and logistics

The first discussion of the E4S Annual Summit 2021 focused on a topic of crucial importance: sustainable mobility and logistics, as transport accounts for around one-fifth of global CO2 emissions. The four panelists agreed that the road to sustainability is paved by systemic social and economic considerations, beyond mere technological…

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