Vision & Mission

The E4S Center aims to build bridges between academia, business and civil society in order to tackle the great challenges of our time.

Our values

The E4S Center is the laboratory where its founding institutions jointly explore new ways of fulfilling their mission in the fields of economics and management, previewing and experimenting new developments in training, research and outreach in these disciplines.

E4S lays claim to the following values: scientific excellence, an alliance between management and technology, a focus on major societal challenges, particularly with regard to the environment, the need for democratic acceptance of economic and scientific innovations, the social responsibility of companies and entrepreneurs, and the requirements of ethical management.

Scientific excellence

Focus on major societal challenges

Transdisciplinary dialogue

Proximity to the public debate

Our mission

The E4S Center’s mission is to inspire and activate the transition to a resilient and inclusive economy within planetary boundaries, mindful of the opportunities and challenges raised by scientific and technological change.

Toward a more environmentally responsible economy

E4S fosters the transition to a stakeholder economy geared toward a model of sustainable development.

Toward a more resilient economy

E4S aims to strengthen economic institutions, rethink the “conditions-cadre” and accelerate the changes conducive to greater resilience when faced with rare or unforeseen external shocks.

Toward a more inclusive economy

E4S aims to make economic and social development intelligible and acceptable by conceiving efficient support measures for those suffering from the disruptions it provokes as well as promoting redistributive mechanisms, collaborative behaviors and ethical principles that ensure equal opportunities for all components of society.

Harnessing opportunities and challenges raised by scientific and technological change

E4S aims to ensure that technical innovation effectively translates into economic, environmental and social value creation.