Activating change and growing the Swiss ecosystem of sustainable innovation


E4S Innovation Pillar aims at activating change by fostering the growth of the Swiss ecosystem of sustainable innovation that builds and expands on the capabilities and expertise of our three founding institutions.

Starting from 2024, the strategy of the Innovation pillar focuses on the following actions:

  • Explore the ecosystem of key innovation actors, outline main topic trends and high-potential projects​. This will be achieved through the creation of Community Maps and Community Engagement projects, such as the Sustainability Portal
  • Activate the innovation ecosystem by enabling connections and sparking collaborations around innovative projects. Our flagship initiative to foster dialogue and connections within innovation actors is Showcase 2030. E4S also organizes Action Labs (multi-stakeholder workshops) and Community Meet-Ups (thematic events gathering experts around a topic or challenge) – dynamic platforms where experts from different sectors can collaborate to advance innovative projects. 

Highlighted Projects

Showcase 2030

Showcase 2030 is E4S’ event gathering the actors of the Swiss sustainable innovation ecosystem

Sustainability Portal

The Sustainability Portal maps the projects and people working to solve pressing social and environmental challenges across the UNIL, IMD and EPFL.


Servetia is an initiative dedicated to accelerating clean and energy-efficient solutions in Switzerland through the exploration of the pay-per-use model.

Action Labs

Building multi-stakeholder collaborations to advance the sustainability agenda

Meet-up events

Connect, engage and exchange with academic experts