The E4S Center is composed of over 100 mission-driven staff, researchers and faculty from all three institutions, committed to driving the transition to a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive economy.

Antoine Trabia

Research Assistant

Julia Vincentini

PhD Student & Project Manager MENU-CH-Kids, Unisanté

Erwan Morellec

Full professor of Finance, EPFL

Jean-Pierre Ghobril

Senior researcher, Unisanté

Evelyn Markoni

Lecturer in Food Sociology, BFH-HAFL

Franziska Goetze

Research Associate for Consumer Behavior, BFH-HAFL

Idriss Komi

PhD Student, Unisanté

Isa Cakir

Head of Sustainable Finance & Quantitative Methods, Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Joachim Marti

Associate Professor of Health Economics, Unisanté

Murielle Bochud

Chief Physician and Full Professor, Unisanté

Philipp Aerni

Professor and Director, Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Rosa Helena Schneider

Scientific Collaborator, CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Gino Baudry

Scientific Collaborator, EPFL

Sidney Lienhard

Research Assistant, Center for Corporate Responsability and Sustainability

Kate Dassesse

PhD Student, Unisanté

Rolf Arnold

PhD Candidate, University of Bern

Agathe Crosnier

PhD Student, EPFL

Theresa Tribaldos

Head of Just Economies and Human Well-being Impact Area, University of Bern

Giulio Cisco

PhD Candidate in Health Economics, Unisanté

Jovana Dikovic

Head of  Sustainable Impact and Inclusive Development, Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Bárbara Franco Lucas

Scientific collaborator, BFH-HAFL

Thomas Brunner

Professor of Consumer Behavior, BFH-HAFL

Anna Nicolet

Research Fellow, Unisanté

Kavous Salehzadeh Niksirat

Research Scientist, Persuasive Tech Lab, HEC-UNIL

Kévin Huguenin

Professor, HEC-UNIL

Reyhaneh Ramezani

Master Student, EPFL

Karl Schmedders

Professor of Finance, IMD

Francesca Bassani

Postdoctoral Researcher, EPFL Valais Wallis

Véronique Michaud

Associate Professor

Yves Leterrier

Research Scientist

Nadav Peleg

Assistant Professor, Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics, UNIL

Martyn Wakeman

Lecturer, EPFL

Arianna Pisciella

Ph.D. Candidate, HEC-UNIL

Sophie Bacq

Professor of Social Entrepreneurship, IMD

PJ Stephenson

Research Fellow, Laboratory for Conservation Biology, Department of Ecology and Evolution, UNIL

Luca Fumagalli

Laboratory for Conservation Biology, Department of Ecology and Evolution, UNIL

Adrian Dellecker

Senior Research Writer, Center for Sustainable and Inclusive Business, IMD

Julia Binder

Professor of Sustainable Innovation at IMD

Thomas Höhne-Sparborth

Head of Sustainability Research, Lombard Odier Investment Managers

Felix Philipp

Circular Economy and Material Manager, Lombard Odier Investment Managers

Christian Dremel

Product Manager Data & AI Products, CARIAD

Michel Jaccard

Founder and Partner, Id Est Avocats

Heiner Mikosch

Researche, KOF Swiss Economic Institute, ETH Zurich

Clara Bersch

PhD Candidate, Max Planck Institute for Human Development

Martí Bosch Padrós

Data Scientist, EPFL

Jan Skaloud

Senior Scientist, EPFL

Sara Bonetti

Assistant Professor, EPFL

Satoshi Takahama

Senior Scientist, EPFL

Jana von Freyberg

Water Sciences Scientist, EPFL

Meret Aeppli

Assistant professor and head of the Soil Biogeochemistry Laboratory, EPFL

Patrick Reichert

Associate Director | elea Center for Social Innovation

Vanina Farber

Professor of Social Innovation and Dean of the IMD EMBA program, IMD

Margot Stuart

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder at OriginAll SA

Stéphane J.G. Girod

Professor and Thought Leader in Transformation, IMD

Felicitas Morhart

Professor of Marketing and Founder of the Swiss Center for Luxury Research, HEC-UNIL

Jean-Philippe Bonardi

Managing Director, HEC-UNIL

Florian Hoos

Managing Director, IMD

Michaël Aklin

Managing Director, EPFL

Jean-Pierre Danthine

Honorary Director, E4S

Paula Cacault

Head of Operations

Dominik Breitinger

Head, Strategic Projects & Partnerships

Elena Vannini

Financial Manager

Ilona Klausener

Administrative Assistant

Caroline Perrot

E4S Master Program Deputy

Veronica Petrencu

Projects Coordinator & Research Fellow, UNIL & EPFL

Samuel Wicki

Projects Lead

Clémence Gallopin

ESG Analyst, Fondation Ethos

Sophie Bürgin

PhD Candidate, University of Basel

Sonja Vogt

Associate Professor, UNIL

Yash Shrestha

Professor, UNIL

Ralf Seifert

Professor, IMD

Anna Timonina-Farkas

Post-Doc, EPFL

Andrew Sonta

Assistant Professor, EPFL

Julien Meillard

Adjoint Assemblée de la Transition UNIL

Sebastien Houde

Professor, HEC-UNIL

Klaus Schönenberger

Director, EssentialTech, EPFL

Josie Hughes

Professor, EPFL

Harald Mayr

Senior Researcher, UZH

Gianalberto Losapio

Professor, UNIL

Christine Legner

Professor, HEC-UNIL

Gaia Melloni

Assistant Professor, HEC-UNIL

Marc Gruber

Professor, EPFL

Erden Özkol Zeynep

Senior Researcher, ZHAW

Charles Efferson

Professor, HEC-UNIL

Andreas Fuster

Professor, EPFL

Öykü Işık

Professor, IMD

Kenza Benhima

Professor, HEC-UNIL

Gaetan de Rassenfosse

Professor, EPFL

Catherine Cooremans

Directrice, Ipso Facto S.A.

Jasmina Djordjevic

Scientific Collaborator

Dominique Barjolle

Principal Investigator True Cost of Food Project, UNIL

Photo of Jean-Luc Chenaux, Professor at University of Lausanne

Jean-Luc Chenaux

Associate Professor, UNIL

Profile Photo - Manon Schlapfer

Manon Schläpfer

PHD Student and Research Assistant, UNIL

Dario Scalabrin

E4S Research Assistant

Filippo Trapanese

E4S Research Assistant

François Maréchal

Professor, EPFL

Rafael Lalive

Professor, HEC-UNIL

Dimitrija Kalanoski

Assistant Professor, Alliance Manchester Business School

Knut Haanaes

Professor of Strategy, IMD

Patrick Haack

Professor, HEC-UNIL

Amanda Williams

Sustainability Research Fellow, IMD

Luiz A. Pereira da Silva

Deputy General Manager, BIS

Benoît Mojon

Head of the Economic Analysis, BIS

Linda Mhalla

Scientific Collaborator, HEC-UNIL

Valérie Chavez-Demoulin

Professor, HEC-UNIL

Eric Jondeau

Professor, HEC-UNIL

Emmanuel Ravalet

Lecturer, EPFL

Patrick Rérat

Professor, UNIL

Alessandra Rojas

Co-Lead Innovation

Julia Bory

Co-Lead Innovation

Federica Poletti

Head of Communications

Jordane Widmer

Event Coordinator

Edoardo Chiarotti

Scientific Collaborator, HEC-UNIL

Boris Thurm

Scientific Collaborator, EPFL

Florence Hugard

Scientific Collaborator, HEC-UNIL

Alisa Gessler

Scientific Collaborator, HEC-UNIL

Fabrizio Colella

Postdoctoral Researcher, CReAM-UCL

Dimitri Marincek

PHD Candidate, UNIL

Virginie Lurkin

Assistant Professor, HEC-UNIL

Alexandre Pauli

Scientific Collaborator, EPFL

Julie Shuyue Qiao

Scientific Collaborator, EPFL

Augustin Fragnière

Directeur adjoint, Centre de compétences en durabilité (CCD)

Johannes Buggle

Assistant Professor, University of Vienna

Philippe Thalmann

Associate Professor in Environmental Economics, EPFL

Sascha Nick

Researcher, EPFL

Laurence Jeangros


John Antonakis

Professor, HEC-UNIL

Arnaud Chevallier

Professor of Strategy, IMD

Olivier Gallay

Professor of Operations Research, HEC-UNIL

Philip Garner

Lecturer, L’IDIAP Laboratory

Daniel Gatica‐Perez

Adjunct Professor, L’IDIAP Laboratory

Jennifer Jordan

Professor, IMD

Negar Kiyavash

Associate Professor, Chair of Business Analytics, EPFL

Alyson Meister

Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, IMD

Quentin Gallea

Scientific Collaborator, HEC-UNIL

Marianne Schmid-Mast

Full professor of Organizational Behavior and Dean of HEC-UNIL