The E4S Center is composed of over 100 mission-driven staff, researchers and faculty from all three institutions, committed to driving the transition to a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive economy.

Pilar Gómez Alvarez

Project Lead, Digital Twin for Agriculture

Fabrizio Colella

Postdoctoral Researcher, CReAM-UCL

Dimitri Marincek

PHD Candidate, UNIL

Virginie Lurkin

Assistant Professor, UNIL-HEC

Alexandre Pauli

Scientific Collaborator

Julie Shuyue Qiao

Scientific Collaborator

Augustin Fragnière

Directeur adjoint, Centre de compétences en durabilité (CCD)

Florian Hoos

Managing Director

Alisa Gessler

Scientific Collaborator

Laure Manueddu


Xiang Li

Scientific Collaborator

Federica Poletti

Head of Communications

Juan Lopez-Villarejo

Project Lead ORODE

Johannes Buggle

Assistant Professor, University of Vienna.

Philippe Thalmann

Associate Professor, Laboratory of Environmental and Urban Economics

Sascha Nick

Researcher, Laboratory of Environmental and Urban Economics

John Antonakis

Full Professor of Organizational Behavior

Jean-Philippe Bonardi

Managing Director

Arnaud Chevallier

Professor of Strategy, IMD

Dominik Breitinger

Head, Strategic Projects & Partnerships

Olivier Gallay

Professor of Operations Research, University of Lausanne

Paula Cacault

Head of Operations

Philip Garner

Lecturer, L’IDIAP Laboratory

Daniel Gatica‐Perez

Adjunct Professor, L’IDIAP Laboratory

Edoardo Chiarotti

Scientific Collaborator

Yann Costa

Project Manager

Jennifer Jordan

Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

Negar Kiyavash

Associate Professor, Chair of Business Analytics, EPFL

Jean-Pierre Danthine

Managing Director

Alyson Meister

Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Quentin Gallea

Scientific Collaborator

Marianne Schmid-Mast

Full professor of Organizational Behavior and Dean of HEC Lausanne

Florence Hugard

Scientific Collaborator

Laurence Jeangros

Scientific Collaborator

Caroline Perrot

E4S Master Program Deputy

Julia Bory

Head of Innovation

Veronica Petrencu

Projects Lead & Research Fellow

Alessandra Rojas

Head of Tech4Impact

Boris Thurm

Scientific Collaborator

Samuel Wicki

Projects Lead

Jordane Widmer

Event Coordinator