Career Prospects

Career prospects

As an SMT Master student, you will be trained to become a leader, entrepreneur and manager able to navigate the new economic system that is currently shaping up.

In terms of skillset, you will be:

  • Able to think about sustainability and technology disruption issues at a systemic level, and to integrate them into an organization’s strategy;
  • Knowledgeable about critical current technologies (AI, security, robotics, digital, energy, life science);
  • Strong in data analytics;
  • Able to work in interdisciplinary and internationally diverse teams;
  • Able to leverage managerial skills (sustainable accounting and finance, sustainable logistics, project management, etc.) to implement innovative sustainable solutions to complex problems.

With the SMT Master degree, you can aim for positions such as project manager, sustainability manager in industry, sustainable finance analyst in banks, consultant, impact entrepreneur, or change-maker in all types of organizations.

Statistics about SMT graduates

Infographic with figures around students' employment

Here you can find some of the job positions covered by SMT graduates right after their graduation: 

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