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Research – A new index of environmental policy using newspapers

We introduce a novel index measuring the salience of US environmental policy over the 1981-2019 period on a monthly basis and on various sub-topics. The index captures the evolution of the relative share of news articles discussing environmental and climate regulations over the last four decades. Our analysis finds a…

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Opinion – A Swiss idea to slow down global warming

Should Switzerland do something to curb global warming and, if so, what can it do? The first question takes up the often-heard remark that we are too small, that our CO2 emissions, which account for only 0.2% of global emissions, do not count. But the same could be said for…

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Opinion – Consuming Responsibly

We must urgently learn to consume less and better. To meet this huge challenge, producers, the state and consumers must all do their part.

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Climate change may offset the positive effect of economic growth on the number of deaths due to climate-related disasters, new study finds

A new scientific paper by Valérie Chavez-Demoulin, Eric Jondeau, and Linda Mhalla sheds light on a paradox: while historically economic growth has helped reduce the number of deaths related to climate disasters, in the decades to come this effect may be offset by the increase in the number of disasters…

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From true costs to revolt: instruments for responsible consumption

Original article by Christina Graf (in German) The E4S interactive event in Bern identified a variety of instruments for action to make our consumption more responsible. The implementation remains to be discussed. Do we have to change the model in order to consume responsibly? Yes, but… this is how one could…

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Opinion – It is no longer enough to make a profit to justify its existence

The company of 2021 has lost what, by default, made its legitimacy. In the old world, the paradigm of the invisible hand was prevalent. The search for individual interest and profit in the case of a company converged with the collective interest. To use Adam Smith’s image, it was not…

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