We inspire economic and social transformation by producing, collecting, and disseminating frontier research and science-backed evidence, with a view of helping enterprises and society develop practices, strategies, and policies consistent with rising to the challenges of our time.

Our projects

The E4S Center’s mission is to inspire and activate the transition to a resilient and inclusive economy within planetary boundaries, mindful of the opportunities and challenges raised by scientific and technological change. To achieve this ambitious mission, we have defined three areas of focus to structure and guide our research and innovation projects toward impactful and sustainable solutions:

  1. 1. Shaping Institutions, Policies and Norms
  2. 2. Transforming Key Industrial Sectors
  3. 3. Reimagining Managerial Practices

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Below, you can find the list of our projects and you can filter them either by focus area or topic.
Should you have specific questions about our research, please write us at vasb@r4f.pragre.