Servetia – Accelerating the Swiss Energy Transition

Servetia is an innovative initiative dedicated to accelerating clean and energy-efficient solutions in Switzerland through the exploration of new business models such as the pay-per-use model.


What is the challenge?

Traditional approaches to energy efficiency in buildings have posed significant challenges and have fallen short of effectively reducing emissions and optimising energy-use. The urgent need for innovative solutions to decarbonise the building sector is evident, as buildings account for 40% of Switzerland’s energy demand and more than 30% of its CO2 emissions.

Innovative solutions and cross-industry collaboration is required to accelerate decarbonisation of the building sector and achieve a net-zero Switzerland by 2050.


What is the opportunity?

Servetia presents a transformative opportunity. By embracing the power of new business models such as servitisation, we can shift how energy-efficient solutions are deployed in buildings.

Through this initiative we offer an alternative to the conventional product-focused approach, moving towards outcome-driven services. The X-as-a-Service model can optimise energy use and reduce emissions, and at the same time deliver long-term economic benefits for building owners and businesses.


How does it work ?

In different parts of the world, and across multiple sectors, the XaaS business model has proven its effectiveness in enabling better access and an easier transition to clean and energy-efficient solutions. Using a collaborative approach, we bring together technology providers, building owners and financial backers to co-create tailored pilot projects for specific buildings and energy needs. 

Servetia will showcase solutions and closely monitor performance, and will foster innovation by sharing insights.

To learn more about the initiative, go to or reach out to whyvn.obel@havy.pu.

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