Quentin Gallea

Scientific Collaborator, HEC-UNIL

Quentin Gallea is a post-doctoral researcher, lecturer, and consultant. His expertise and passion are the study of causality (causal inference, a field deeply rooted in statistics) and relates to the field of decision intelligence. Assessing causality is fundamental to making decisions by studying the link between cause (decision) and consequence (outcome/result). His work led him to publish research in top-tier journals on a variety of topics, from the effect of covid lockdowns on the spread of the virus to the effect of sending weapons in Africa on migration and the probability of conflict.

Since the beginning of his career in research he has been committed to bridging academia and civil society through innovative teaching and research. Quentin taught to more than 10,000 students over the last decade, from students in economics, to managers, including medical researchers (animal research). Beyond academia, Quentin is giving regularly seminars, or talks to a broad audience (e.g. TEDx). He developed a framework composed of practical tools to help people fight misinformation and make better decisions called the Causal Mindset. To facilitate access to this knowledge, he wrote articles on this method, gave talks, and released a ChatGPT based App in October 2023 (thecausalmindset.com) to allow anyone using this framework.