Admission criteria

General eligibility conditions. Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree either with an engineering profile or a management/economics profile and with a minimum average grade of 4.5 or equivalent over the entire Bachelor’s program. The admission is based on the quality of the application: excellent academic record, relevance of the Bachelor’s degree and motivation of the candidate (i.e. proven interest in topics related to sustainable management and technology). Holders of a degree from a Swiss University of Applied Sciences, i.e. HES/FHS, are not eligible.

Prerequisites. The goal of these prerequisites is to achieve a class composition where interactions between students with different profiles will be as fruitful as possible. In addition, since graduates of the program should be able to master data analysis methods, candidates with a management/economics profile should have a demonstrated appetite for and a solid preparation in quantitative disciplines.

Important: The Admission Commission will analyze case by case whether these prerequisites are fulfilled. Please address your additional questions to

For candidates with a Bachelor degree in Engineering

These candidates should have a strong achievement record in courses related to economic and management reasoning and modelling.

For candidates with a Bachelor degree in Management/ Economics

These candidates should have a strong achievement record in data science and quantitative methods (e.g., probability and statistics, econometrics, machine learning, etc.).

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