Reversed Nespresso Board

Opportunity to advise a company’s top management during 6 online working sessions

Program: April – May 2022
Applications are closed

Innovative corporates
Students from EPFL, Unil and IMD

What is Reversed Nespresso Board?

A sharing of experience, visions and values

Reversed Boards consist of a group of selected students bringing in authentic opinions and ideas on a compans’s key strategic topics.

Reversed Boards allow the company’s top management to access the input of future generations and gain insights into their mindset and values in a structured, efficient and focused way.

At the end of the program, two students will be selected to join the Nespresso’s CEO, Guillaume Le Cunff for a one week unique journey.

Why should I join Reversed Board?


You will have an impact by influencing the strategic business decisions of Nespresso

Business Experience

Through the level of discussions, you will gain a rapid and extraordinary experience of how a business of this magnitude works


Network and meet like-minded students who enjoy sharing their opinions and co-create together


Get exposure for eventual internship/job and receive a certificate of attendance signed by the company’s CEO

At the end of the program 2 students will be selected to join the company’s CEO, Guillaume Le Cunff for a one week unique journey.

Who can join?

To apply and be part of the Reversed Board, you must:

  • be registered as a student at one of the following institutions; UNIL, IMD & EPFL.
  • demonstrate outstanding motivation and authenticity
  • be willing to make a commitment for the duration of the Reversed Board program. (Approximately 15 hours of work spread over 3 weeks)
  • be able to attend all sessions
  • speak and understand English

What should I expect as participant?

Reversed Nespresso Board takes place virtually between April and Mai 2022. You will work as a team during the entire program.

You must be able to attend all sessions. Please bear in mind that you will also need to allocate time with your team to get ready for the co-creation and for the group result.

Reversed CEOs week

At the end of the Reversed Board, 2 students will have the chance to be selected to accompany Nespresso’s CEO, Guillaume Le Cunff for a week.

Through Reversed CEOs week, you will join the leader’s inner circle of Nespresso.


Can I apply with my friend ?

No, the application is done on an individual basis. You will then be assigned to a team composed of students from the 3 institutions.

Is it possible to apply even though I already know I won’t be able to come to any of the sessions?

No, you must be able to attend all the sessions.

Who will be selecting the Reversed members ?

The Reversed Board organising team supported by the E4S team will select the students.

When will the Reversed CEOs Week take place?

The week will be aligned between CEO Guillaume Le Cunff’s agenda and the 2 selected students.

Where will the sessions take place?

For this second Reversed Board, we decided to play it safe, and to plan all the session via Zoom.

How good do I need to be in English?

Sessions and discussions between students and top management will be conducted in English. It is necessary that you feel comfortable expressing yourself in English.

What Reversed Board alumni said

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to work for something meaningful and the privilege to speak with the board members.”

“The exposure to the executive board and being given the opportunity to express thoughts and ideas freely regarding my vision for the future of the company were greatly appreciated.”

“The feeling of having a voice in front of people with a high influence in the company was awesome.”

“I really appreciated the honesty coming from the company’s board members.”

“I learned to work fast and well.”

How to apply?

Applications are closed for this second edition.

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