Systemic Risks and Sustainability

Finance & risk, Environmental policy & strategies, Macroeconomics & globalization

In an increasingly interconnected world, our planet as well as human community are facing systemic events that occur very infrequently but whose impacts may be catastrophic on society at large. We can mention climate change and financial crises as typical examples.

The missions of this platform are to create and disseminate knowledge on the systemic risks that may impact our world and economy and the solutions that we identify to mitigate their impacts. A first objective is to measure systemic risks, which involves research on climate changes and on economic and financial crises. The second objective is to help manage systemic risks. In particular, it involves research on the design of policies to mitigate the impact of extreme events and on sustainable finance. The platform develops structural models of the global environment (including climate change and the economy) that can be used to design optimal decision making. The platform plans to provide solutions to retail and institutional investors for investing in all asset classes in a sustainable manner.

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