Shaping the future of mobility

Research – Mobility & infrastructure

Urgent environmental challenges as well as the sharing economy have spurred the recent emergence of new business models related to shared mobility. The associated innovative transportation paradigms require a reduction of vehicle fleets as well as an optimization of travel times in order to pave the way towards sustainable mobility. Yet, sustainable mobility sharing solutions do not only require considering the environmental impact, but also have to be viable for firms and their customers. Only meeting the needs of all stakeholders allows for a large-scale implementation of such disruptive transportation concepts and hence yields a significant impact on the future of our society.

The platform aims at connecting firms operating in the transportation sector, actors responsible for environmental policies, and researchers from EPFL, IMD, and UNIL-HEC, that can contribute to attaining the above- mentioned goals. To tackle the challenges associated with the practical implementation and to work with real data, the platform will directly collaborate with industrial partners from the transportation sector. Besides focusing on technical aspects, the key goal is to effectively communicate the resulting insights to relevant decision makers, such as the actors responsible for environmental policies.