The Potential of Cargo Bikes

05.04.2023, 17h00 – 18h00

Cargo bikes are two- or three-wheeled bicycles with a load capacity that facilitates transporting bulky objects or children. In the last few years, cargo bike sales have been booming in cities in Switzerland, with an increase of +184% between 2019 and 2021, exceeding 4000 units sold.

In addition to their private use, cargo bikes also have potential for commercial uses such as the delivery of goods. Between summer and fall of 2022, OUVEMA, the Observatory for cycling and active mobilities, conducted a survey of cargo bike users in Switzerland, as part of a project funded by E4S (The Enterprise for Society Center), which brings together IMD, EPFL and Unil. Around 1000 respondents answered the survey and shared their experience with using a cargo bike, either their own (73% of respondents) or a shared one (23% of respondents).

In this talk we present the main results of this unique project.


Presenter: Dimitri Marincek, Researcher UNIL

Location: Internef 122 (UNIL Campus) – The presentation will also be livestreamed (link)


Read the full report here.