E4S Seminar Series – Jobs and the sustainability transition

14.10.2022, 16h00 – 18h00

The transition towards low-carbon and sustainable societies will transform the economy. How will the green transition affect labor markets? In order to anticipate changes in labor demand and to align the workforce with the needs of the green economy, and using machine learning methods, the research team aims at identifying green jobs and their skill requirements, as well as the effect of the green transition of firms’ performance.

The program:

16h-16h05: Welcome

16h05-16h50: Talk “Jobs and the sustainability transition” by E4S Team Member (TBC), Gaétan de Rassenfosse (EPFL), Johannes Buggle (University of Vienna), Fabrizio Colella (UNIL), Gabriele Cristelli (EPFL).

16h50-17h15: Discussion by Prof. Tanja Käser (EPFL) and Prof. Rafael Lalive (UNIL-HEC)

17h15-18h: Apéro

Where: EPFL, Room CO120 (plan)