How To Make Digital Proximity Tracing Work: The View from Economics

Covid-19 proximity tracing apps can contribute to the fight against the pandemic. In a free society, however, their adoption is impossible to enforce by decree or material incentives. Their success therefore hinges on voluntary cooperation.

 Press Release -24 June 2020

Fast and local: how did lockdown policies affect the spread and severity of Covid-19

How have the responses of governments around the world to this Covid-19 crisis impacted the development of the global pandemic?

 Policy Brief – 9 June 2020

How Reskilling Can Soften the Economic Blow of Covid-19

Not all industries suffered of the Covid-19 crisis: the healthcare sector, for instance, saw demand grow, as did schools, in some parts of the world, and online retail.

 Press Release –  8 June 2020

Job search during the COVID-19 lockdown

Job-seekers during the Corona crisis are making significantly less effort to find a new job.

 Press release – 19 May 2020

A “win-win” proposal to improve financial support for SME’s

The Covid crisis has created new liquidity needs for companies due to a partial slowdown or a total shutdown of their activities. The Confederation has provided a solution to this problem by granting bridging loans. 

Press release – 5 May 2020

Corona crisis and self-employed

The Corona crisis also has financial and psychological consequences for the self-employed.

 Press release – 3 May 2020

Lockdown release

Lifting the lockdown, yes …. But how?

Outline of a strategy combining health and economic factors

Policy Brief – 15 April 2020

The Climate Effects of Swiss Aviation

Introducing an Airline Ticket Tax in Switzerland:Estimated Effects on Demand

Policy Brief – 12 March 2020

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