Will Covid-19 pave the way for more business responsibility?

Will Covid-19 change peoples’ opinions and demands concerning business responsibility? We analyse social perceptions about the Responsible Business Initiative (“multinationales responsables”) initiative before and during the lockdown.

July 21st 2020

How To Make Digital Proximity Tracing Work: The View from Economics

Covid-19 proximity tracing apps can contribute to the fight against the pandemic. In a free society, however, their adoption is impossible to enforce by decree or material incentives. Their success therefore hinges on voluntary cooperation.

 Press Release -24 June 2020

Fast and local: how did lockdown policies affect the spread and severity of Covid-19

How have the responses of governments around the world to this Covid-19 crisis impacted the development of the global pandemic?

 Policy Brief – 9 June 2020

How Reskilling Can Soften the Economic Blow of Covid-19

Not all industries suffered of the Covid-19 crisis: the healthcare sector, for instance, saw demand grow, as did schools, in some parts of the world, and online retail.

 Press Release –  8 June 2020

Job search during the COVID-19 lockdown

Job-seekers during the Corona crisis are making significantly less effort to find a new job.

 Press release – 19 May 2020

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