Romande Energie and the Enterprise for Society Center (E4S) announce a partnership to accelerate the decarbonization of Switzerland!


Energy transition and sustainability at the forefront of our thinking

Academia and industry are teaming up to reduce carbon emissions in Western Switzerland. Romande Energie SA today announces that it will be supporting the academic activities of the Enterprise for Society Center (E4S), which are aimed at driving change in our society. On this occasion, Romande Energie SA and E4S are forming the Decarbonisation Research Institute for Western Switzerland.


The E4S center – a joint initiative of UNIL-HEC, IMD and EPFL – exists to help society meet the challenges it is facing, especially the need to take urgent climate action. This is especially relevant amid the looming energy crisis, which is widely being seen as a catalyst for a more resilient, inclusive and environmentally friendly economy that is capable of harnessing technology for good. The energy transition is a major part of teaching and innovation at E4S, which introduced its master’s degree in Sustainable Management & Technology in 2021.

Romande Energie is aiming to make Western Switzerland the first net-zero region in the country through actions supporting all its stakeholders. With that goal in mind, the Group will help broaden the reach of E4S by providing funding and making its experts available for the scientific, technical and leadership parts of the master’s curriculum.

Decarbonisation Research Institute for Western Switzerland

E4S is a highly respected voice in the fields of technology, the economy, society and the environment, while Romande Energie can contribute meaningfully to this innovative venture thanks to its expertise and range of business lines.

The institute’s mission will be to rally as many economic and political stakeholders as possible in Western Switzerland behind the regional net-zero target. Its activities will include a platform for collecting data and tracking progress on pledges and a space for analysing and sharing best practice. It can also use its independent and authoritative voice to highlight the various initiatives in progress to help reach the net-zero target.

A perfect fit

“I believe that our expertise in decarbonisation and our policy of driving sustainability forward make us an ideal partner for E4S,” says Philippe Durr, Partnership & Alliance Officer at Romande Energie. “Action is urgently needed, and we relish the prospect of supporting students and researchers in this direction.”

“The missions of both organisations are perfectly aligned, and this partnership will speed up existing efforts to reduce carbon emissions in Western Switzerland,” says Jean-Philippe Bonardi, one of the two Managing Directors of E4S. “E4S is delighted to be joining forces with Romande Energie in this area.”




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Jordane Widmer

Head of Communications – Enterprise for Society Center (E4S)

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