Steering committee

Prof. Nouria Hernandez
Rector, UNIL

"This is a unique opportunity to take our know-how in sustainability and our long-standing experience, through HEC, in business research and education, and combine them with the core competencies of two major universities – one specialized in technology and the other in management and large corporations."

Prof. Jean-François Manzoni
Président, IMD

"We all have the same vision – to innovate constantly and to create research and educational opportunities that meet society’s needs. Through this joint initiative, we can draw on the best each school has to offer through cross-disciplinary projects and programs that, even if we could have offered them individually, will be more effective given together."

Prof. Martin Vetterli
Président, EPFL

"Our society has reached a tipping point. By pooling the right kinds of expertise, we can harness science and technology to take our society in the right direction. That is precisely what E4S has been set up to do."

Executive committee

Prof. Jean-Pierre Danthine
EPFL and Managing Director, E4S
Prof. Jean-Philippe Bonardi
Dean, UNIL-HEC Lausanne
Prof. Albrecht Enders
Dean, IMD
Prof. Dominique Foray
Director, EPFL, College of Management of Technology


Dominik Breitinger
Head of Innovation & Partnerships
Paula Cacault
Head of Operations
Veronica Petrencu
Head of Master program
Alexandra von Schack
Communication Manager