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Enterprise for Society (E4S) is a joint venture of the University of Lausanne through HEC Lausanne, IMD and EPFL, under the stewardship of its College of Management of Technology, with the mission of spearheading the transition towards a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive economy. E4S is dedicated to train the next generation of leaders, inspire economic and social transformation and activate change by strengthening start-ups and boosting innovation.

The future of globalization: Building resilient and sustainable supply chains

New report by the Enterprise for Society Center analyzes the resilience and sustainability challenge of globalization....

Greening the Swiss National Bank’s portfolio

The integration of environmental preferences and the practice of sustainable and responsible investing are widely discussed topics among investment professionals, academics, and policy makers. Survey results confirm that more and more institutional investors commit to the integration of…...

Bending the Line: Moving Towards a Circular Economy

The world is today operating in a linear economy that extracts natural resources, produces energy or goods which are disposed in the form of pollution or waste. This “take, make, waste” system has generated prosperity and wealth in…...

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E4S Insight Series – Sustainable Development for All: Challenges and Opportunities, by Pascaline Dupas

November 11th
E4S Insight Series welcomes Pascaline Dupas for a talk on sustainable development.

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E4S Annual Summit 2021

November 12th
E4S' annual event bringing together key figures from the academic, political, economic and civic worlds committed to positively transforming our society.

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Fintech for Society Conference

December 8th
Discover Fintech startups with a sustainability agenda
on EPFL campus

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