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Enterprise for Society (E4S) is a joint venture of the University of Lausanne through HEC Lausanne, IMD and EPFL, under the stewardship of its College of Management of Technology, with the mission of spearheading the transition towards a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive economy. E4S is dedicated to train the next generation of leaders, inspire economic and social transformation and activate change by strengthening start-ups and boosting innovation.

Automation Technologies and the Future of Work:
Policies for Inclusive Growth

There is a growing concern in public discussions that automation could soon make human labor obsolete. This report aims to delineate the state of knowledge on the impact of machines on the future of work and to offer…...

Saving the world from your couch:
The heterogeneous medium-run benefits of COVID-19 lockdowns on air pollution

E4S researchers and co-authors estimate the medium-run impact of a battery of COVID- 19 related lockdown measures on air quality across 162 countries. They find that domestic and international lockdown measures overall led to a substantial persistent decline…...

Seeing is Believing:
Toward Interpretable Data Visualization

When we see something we can easily detect patterns, we can spot anomalies, we can verify similarities. That’s why when dealing with data it is particularly important to reach the visualization part as early as possible. It can…...

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Seminar series

Through these seminar series, our academic community shares research, brainstorms and identifies new challenges and trends in different fields.

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