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Enterprise for Society (E4S) is a joint venture of the University of Lausanne through HEC Lausanne, IMD and EPFL, under the stewardship of its College of Management of Technology, with the mission of spearheading the transition towards a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive economy. E4S is dedicated to train the next generation of leaders, inspire economic and social transformation and activate change by strengthening start-ups and boosting innovation.

Bending the Line: Moving Towards a Circular Economy

The world is today operating in a linear economy that extracts natural resources, produces energy or goods which are disposed in the form of pollution or waste. This “take, make, waste” system has generated prosperity and wealth in…...

Introducing an Air Ticket Tax in Switzerland: Estimated Effects on Demand

Air travel is now recognized as the most important driver of anthropogenic climate change of all Swiss economic sectors, ahead of ground transport. Furthermore, It is widely expected that Swiss air travel will return to pre-COVID levels and…...

Automation Technologies and the Future of Work:
Policies for Inclusive Growth

There is a growing concern in public discussions that automation could soon make human labor obsolete. This report aims to delineate the state of knowledge on the impact of machines on the future of work and to offer…...

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Responsible consumption: shall we change the model?

August 31st
An event bringing together academia, government, business and civil society to discuss how to shift our consumption model.

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Master Programme Inaugural Event

September 24th
The inaugural event of E4S Center's Master Programme in Sustainable Management & Technology.

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Workshop “Can economic policy mitigate climate change?”

October 21st & 22nd
A 2-day workshop to discuss how society can tackle the uncertainties associated with climate change.

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