Transforming key industrial sectors


Mobility & infrastructure

Closely related to the energy transition, sustainable transport (19% of current GHG) and smart infrastructure will be essential for a net-zero reality. We seek to explore how to scale feasible innovation in electric and hydrogen mobility, as well as leverage the full potential of technologies for smart cities, buildings and homes.

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Each year, almost 50 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases are emitted, of which the energy & power sector accounts for over 70%. Transitioning the energy industry away from a fossil-fuel based industry towards zero-carbon will be the most critical one: To limit climate change, of primary importance is the reduction of energy-related CO2 emissions; we aim to drive the deployment of innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as the implementation of smart policy and regulation.

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Health & life sciences

The world is projected to have 9.8 billion people on this planet by 2050, with an average life expectancy clearly surpassing 80 years. AI-tailored precision medecine will become the new norm. Yet, a heating planet will challenge our health- and health care system that already will be stress-tested by our new lifestyles and diets. Finally, unprecedented epidemics will continue shaping our life and work – all questions and challenges we seek to better understand.

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Nutrition, agriculture & primary resources

Our current food and agriculture systems put huge pressure on natural ecosystems, on which they very much depend. Equally feeding a growing world population with healthy food while respecting the planetary boundaries is a major challenge. Our goal is to work will all stakeholders, from farm to fork, to find solutions to this challenge.

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