“The SMT Master is the future of management education. This multi-institutional collaboration with an inter-disciplinary approach is ambitious, but is exactly what is needed in today’s world. SMT Master will educate future leaders who not just learn about theories, but actually solve problems, so that organizations contribute to a sustainable planet and prosperous communities.”

Pratima Bansal, Professor Ivey School of Business
University of Western Ontario

« Wonderful to see these 3 top notch schools collaborate to make this program a reality. Right on target with critical needs of businesses, the society and the planet »

Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux, CTO Solvay

 «Society grand challenges requires a new way of thinking about leadership, management, strategy and economics. The SMT Master embraces an interdisciplinary approach that can be applied to organizational sustainability governance, innovative thinking, adaptiveness, resilience and ethics. The embedded systems thinking approaches you’ll learn are also geared towards concrete application to conduct effective changes. Great to see such an educational program completely align with our very own “B Academics” network to empower students towards building a more sustainable future.” 

Jonathan Normand, Founder & ED B Lab (Switzerland)