Career prospects

The SMT master program will train the next generation of leaders to conduct business for the benefit of their organizations, the environment and society in general.

Graduateswill be able to lead teams in multiple disciplines and solve complex problems in different organizations (corporations, start-ups, NGOs).

They will also be ready to take non-traditional positions and pursue their ideas as entrepreneurs, by integrating sustainability largely defined in their core activities.

The graduates of the program will be:

  • Keenly sensitive to the big societal challenges: environmental, social, economic, ethical and political;
  • Believers in the potential of their organizations in addressing these challenges and creating social welfare;
  • Willing to integrate better economic governance with thoughtful and innovative technology;
  • Technology-savvy by being able to grasp both the challenges and the opportunities offered by technology;
  • Fluent in what it takes to manage and change organization;
  • Experienced in practicing interdisciplinary exchanges;
  • Skillful in bringing together technology, management, and culture in service of their organization and society.

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