Master in Sustainable Management and Technology


The Master of Science in Sustainable Management and Technology (SMT) program is offered by E4S on behalf of its three partner institutions. Its aim is to equip the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of the future with the knowledge and skills enabling them to contribute to the transition toward a more resilient, environmentally responsible and inclusive economy while harnessing the power of technology.


The program aims at building competences along three dimensions: technology & innovation, economics & management and tools and skills for developing sustainable solutions. In comparison with existing programs organized around management, technology and/or sustainability around the world, the SMT Master program is unique in focusing on all three dimensions simultaneously in a balanced manner.

Courses are taught in English by professors on the campuses of UNIL, IMD and EPFL, thus bringing together the expertise of three complementary academic institutions of international excellence. Students will be officially registered at EPFL with access to all facilities on the UNIL/EPFL campus. Graduates will receive a Master of Science degree delivered jointly by the three academic institutions.

For whom?

The SMT Master program is intended for holders of a bachelor degree with little or no professional experience. It aims at bringing together students with two different profiles: engineering profile (e.g. holding a Bachelor diploma from EPFL or an equivalent technical university) and management/economics profile (e.g. holding a Bachelor diploma from UNIL – HEC or an equivalent business or economics faculty). Particular emphasis will be put on interdisciplinary team work by systematically mixing students of different profiles.

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