About Tech4Impact

E4S Tech4Impact is an action tank leveraging science and technology for societal impact.

E4S Tech4Impact provides a common platform to engage with students, researchers, entrepreneurs, corporates, NGOs, international organizations, and foundations, as well as society at large in order to develop and accelerate groundbreaking, innovative and entrepreneurial solutions that have the potential to achieve sustainable impact.

We aim at building a multi-stakeholder platform for systemic transformative initiatives to emerge, translating cutting-edge research into societal impact and overall inspiring and connecting the Lemanic region’s sustainable innovation ecosystem.

Data-Enabled Circular Economy

The Data-Enabled Circular Economy research innovation programme aims  to transform linear value chains into regenerative value circles by working in collaboration with dedicated consortia of cross-sectorial partners.

Fintech for Society

Fintech for Society is a program for startups and established companies in finance to explore these opportunities, leveraging the expertise, network and visibility of three renowned institutions: UNIL-HEC, IMD and EPFL.

Growth Stage Impact Ventures

The Growth Stage Impact Ventures (GSIV) program identifies and showcases mature impact ventures from emerging countries with the catalytic potential to drive both large impact and yield sustainable profit.

LEVO Framework

Levo helps entrepreneurs combine financial with social and environmental sustainability and bring it into the heart of their business planning. The framework provides entrepreneurs the tools to help them assess, monitor, and continuously improve the operational sustainability and impact of their business – future-proofing them year after year.

Reversed Nespresso Board

Reversed Boards consist of a group of selected students bringing in authentic opinions and ideas on a compans's key strategic topics.

Showcase 2030

Showcase 2030 is our yearly flagship event that brings together the sustainable innovation ecosystem for the advancement of the UN 2030 Agenda

Sustainability 101 Talks

The Sustainability 101 Talks bring together leading experts to explain the concepts, frameworks and discussions around selected sustainability topics

Switzerland Innovation Tech4Impact

SI Tech4Impact facilitates the development of innovation projects that tackle global challenges, focusing on selected themes of the UN 2030 Agenda.


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