Reimagining managerial practices


Work & leadership

New developments in technology – AI, Internet-of-Things (IoT), robotics, virtual assistants, for example – are challenging the current world of work. Anticipating disruptions and shaping an inclusive workplace is important to ensure equal opportunities for all components of society.

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Data & AI

In the digital era, an ever increasing number of economic activities happen online, generating massive amounts of data. Preserving privacy and identifying the challenges and leveraging the potential of “big data” and AI are crucial in our interconnected world.

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Materials, manufacturing & logistics

Global supply chains have grown in size and complexity over the past decades. Sustainable sourcing, traceability, clean manufacturing and transportation, or designing a resilient supply chain are some pressing challenges facing firms. How can they leverage new technologies to address those challenges?

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Finance & risk

Systemic events that have global reach and profound impact, such as climate change, need to be understood and quantified so that society and organisations can design strategies to face them. Financial mechanisms are powerful tools that can contribute to building a resilient and sustainable economy.

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Governance, Strategy & Reporting

The times of the sharholdervalue-maximizing firm are revolute. Firms are embracing responsibility towards all its stakeholders, including the environment, society at large and its workforce. Defining a sustainable strategy, a philosophy of corporate responsibility and measuring them are at the heart of today’s management in organisations.

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