Shaping the future of work

New developments in technology — artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things, robotics and virtual assistants– are challenging the current world of work. Humans may be affected by automation-focused technology because it is ‘taking their jobs’ away. But technological advances also offer huge potentials to do work differently and do different work. This platform studies the emergence of new forms of interaction between humans and technologies at the workplace. Through its studies, the platform aims to better understand the characteristics of interaction between humans and technology that unlock new action potentials for humans and open up opportunities for innovative use of technology and new work.

These insights form the basis for the recommendation on how to shape the future of work across levels – from an investigation of how to design technologies such that humans can easily draw on them and the new skills humans require for the work of the future to an analysis of shifting organizational and Information Technology (IT) structures, as well as business models. The platform’s combines state of the art knowledge on digital technologies (IoT, AI, robotics, etc.) with leading insights from the business world and social science. Through this combination, it offers unique intellectual perspective on the institutional, ethical, and macro-economic framework required to facilitate the work of the future.

Taken together, the platform’s efforts will help to discover and sustainably leverage digital technologies’ transformative potential in the workplace and provide actionable advice on the technology- and skill based complementarities to harness the true power of ‘digitally-empowered work.


Guido Palazzo
Rafael Lalive
Franciska Krings
Ulrich Hoffrage
Julian Marewski
Jörg Dietz
Christian Zehnder
Camille Terrier
Benjamin Mueller
Giuliano Bonoli
Daniel Oesch
Xavier Castaner
Isabelle Chappuis
Bettina Hummer
Joël Wagner


Cyril Bouquet
Bettina Buchel
Amit Joshi
Maude Lavanchy


Thomas Weber
Marcel Salathé
David Atienza Alonso
Dominique Foray