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The Sustainability 101 Talks bring together leading experts to explain the concepts, frameworks and discussions around selected sustainability topics. Each Sustainability 101 Talk offers a presentation and interactive discussion together with our moderator, and uses different audience engagement tools to provide an interesting and dynamic format. Additionally, in preparation for the event, our team carries out a vox pop on the topic of the session, which is broadcasted during the event.

Dr. Silvia Hostettler / April 28 2021

Dr. Silvia Hostettler, EPFL-based environmental scientist and international development scholar presented the topic “What is even sustainability?”.

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Christian Frutiger / September 29 2021

Christian Frutiger, Ambassador and Head of Global Cooperation at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) presented the Sustainable Development Goals and the Swiss Agenda.

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Mark Halle / November 29 2021

Mark Halle, Former Executive Director of the International Institute for Sustainable Development-Europe presented the topic ” So now what ? A discussion on sustainable development”

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