Activate Change

E4S is creating a structure that, in coordination with other initiatives and in support of the respective entrepreneurship strategies at the UNIL, the EPFL, and IMD, will strengthen the Lemanic start-up and innovation ecosystem and feed the entrepreneurship and innovation tracks in existing and new teaching curricula.

In order to attain these objectives, we are exploring 4 tracks:


Exploration of unused technologies

Exploring the several technologies that have been developed at EPFL or UNIL/CHUV, but that scientists do not wish to pursue through a start-up. 


Acceleration program

Feeding and sustaining a vibrant acceleration program; something that only exist at a low scale on the EPFL and UNIL campuses and that is currently inexistent at IMD.

Scale-up process

Setting up a scale-up process that would involve:

  • Coaching (Profs / corporate connections)
  • Networks and links to corporates/alumni
  • Access to top talents on campus (masters/MBAs/PhDs students in particular)
  • Links to investors and significant sources of financing
  • Links to specific markets through the connections of the three schools

Innovation outreach

The joint physical space used for Acceleration and Scale-up could be used to invite  Corporates/Managers to immerse themselves into an innovation eco-system. A program of ‘Entrepreneurs in Residence’, with a strong selection process will be created, benefitting both the executives chosen and the start-ups in the eco-system.